Wall Murals, Large Commercial Graphics, Large format Art Pieces

These high resolution images are suitable for reproducing in large format. This is possible as these images are between 10,000- 80,000 pixels long.  To maintain an exclusive design concept the images are available as a limited edition upgrade with only one image in any given town or city. Whether for commercial or home use, these images will be a unique addition to any space.

Available on Stretched Giclee Canvas, Aluminum dye sublimation, Face mounted Acrylic and self-adhesive Wall Murals. Full resolution digital files are available to purchase for printing murals by qualified graphics/ print shops.

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About these Images

This website is an extension of Eiko Jones Photography, designed to showcase his large format panoramic images.

Whether exploring oceans, rivers, mountains or deserts, Eiko has developed a dramatic style in which he celebrates the corners of our world which are seldom seen. He captures the surreal through constant awareness of lighting and unique angles. He has won awards and has been published in numerous international magazines. His Fine Art Photography has also been sold around the world.

These high resolution images are designed to be used in large format printing applications such as wall murals or large multi panel art installations.  Whether for business, hospitality or home, these images can be tailored to your specific needs. They  do not have to be reproduced precisely in the original ratios. For certain images (depending on compositional factors) it may be necessary to crop one way or the other to make it fit your space more effectively.

80 foot image in campbell river general hospital lobby

How these images are created.

Using a high resolution DSLR camera Eiko takes multiple images of the scene and stitches them together using several computer programs to create one large file that can be 100’s of megapixels in size.  By using a more standard or slightly telephoto lens the image created is more like what you would see when in the setting and looking around with your eyes, as compared to using an ultra wide angle lens to create the wide panoramic scene.  This method not only creates a very high resoltion image but makes a more pleasing image with a vast amount of details.

Lately he has been working on perfecting wildlife panoramics which he started on a recent trip to Botswana. This has added a extra dynamic to the images and an extra challenge to work with moving subjects in the scene.

Note on reproduction sizes.

A 30 000 pixel image can be printed at full resolution (300 dpi)  over eight feet long. But when viewing larger images from several feet away it is quite appropriate to print at a much lower dpi. At 100 dpi the same image can now be printed just over 25 feet.   As you can see these images can be reproduced in astoundingly large proportions when taking into account the viewing distance.

giraffe herd feeding 1x6

Stretched Canvas images can be done in very large single pieces, with the largest we have done so far being 300″ x 54″. Aluminum panels and Acrylic Facemount can be done in multiple panels to make up the final image. Wall murals can be printed as large as you want depending on resolution of image and viewing distance.

To see more of Eiko Jones’ work including Underwater and Landscape images go to www.eikojonesphotography.com