New York- Big Apple and Big Panos

In May I went to New York City for the first time and was amazed by it.

Not being a big city person I wasn’t sure I would be happy there. But I LOVED it. Every moment that I wasn’t at the Art Expo I was out wandering the streets and riding the Metro at all hours of the day.  Most mornings I was up to catch the sunrise as it lit up the buildings or Central Park. On the last day I started at 4:45am by taking the subway to Brooklyn to capture Manhattan with early morning light hitting the buildings.

Manhattan bridge from Brooklyn
Sun rises behind the Manhattan Bridge.
Early morning light on Lower Manhattan
Early morning light paints the buildings of Lower Manhattan with a golden glow.
Cool lines formed by stringer cables on Brooklyn Bridge with view of Manhattan.
View of the Financial District in Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Then all day was spent wandering around the financial district and the World Trade Center memorial. It was very poignant being here for the first time.  We also went up One World Trade building to the lookout. Here I took hundreds of images looking down on the city from one hundred floors up, including a few big panos with 80 to 100 images in them. I haven’t built those ones yet as it will take me some time to get to them.

World Trade Center memorial
Rose left on name of victim of 911 on their birthday.

Later that evening my sister and I took a little ferry over to Jersey City and looked back at Manhattan as the setting sun painted the amazing skyline with golden light. We sat at the ferry dock and watched as the ferry boats transported all the workers home from the financial district and the lights twinkled on for the evening.

View of manhattan from Jersey City at sunset
Setting sun paints the buildings of Lower Manhattan a golden glow. View form Jersey City.

I will for sure need to return here and spend another week  shooting. It definitely exceeded my expectations as a city.

To see more of these images go to gallery  Human Landscapes


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