Woodland Garden Rhododendrons.

A profusion of colourful flowers in a woodland setting.

May on Vancouver Island brings generally pretty typical spring weather. But this year we had some beautiful long stretches of sunshine with temperatures in the thirties. A local Woodland garden that features Rhododendrons of many varieties was in full bloom so I went and spent an couple hours wandering around and shooting. These panoramic images of various Rhodo bushes are all high resolution and show the detail of each flower in all its glory, yet offer a wider view than just the flower. By stepping back from the plant and using a telephoto lens I was able to shoot these images that are made made up many frames stitched together.  The following images could all be printed on a wall mural 10 feet high and you could walk up to it and see dramatic detail in each flower and leaf.

extremely high resolution image of rhododendrons in bloom
Super high resolution 25 474 x 12 214 pixel image of Woodland garden rhododendrons.

Shooting high resolution images like this of flowers and other vegetation is really enjoyable to me. There is so much beauty in the larger scene but also at he macro level there is a lot of detail to be portrayed.

This spring I also have been working on truly macro level multi shot panos of small forest flowers only a few inches in height. Watch for these in the next blog post.

multitudes of colourful rhododendron flowers in large resolution panoramic image
Shades of pink in profushion in large format image of woodland rhododendron garden. 23 120 x 9248 pixels
large bush of bright red rhododendrons in high resolution
Bright red rhododendrons in forest garden setting. 19 575 x 9788 pixels

To see these and more high resolution forest images go to image gallery HERE.

In the image galleries you can use a virtual Magnifying tool to inspect the images more closely.



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