British Columbia Wildlife Panoramic challenge

Capturing awesome shots of wildlife in British Columbia is not typically challenging if you are in the right place.

There is such a bounty of amazing animals and scenery to shoot in the wild places of Canada’s westernmost province. This year I decided to up the difficulty a little by trying to do some truly large scale images of the dramatic scenery, but including animals in them, such as whales, bears and salmon.

It was easier said than done, especially shooting multiple stitched images from the deck of a moving boat. With the unpredictability of whales that pop up in sometimes unexpected places, it made it challenging to frame the images.  But I still managed to get a few this year.

Large format image of killer whale pod in Salish Sea
A pod of Orca travel in the Salish Sea near Cambell River in this image that is over 27 000 pixels long

There is a large increase in the Humpback whale population in the Salish Sea and up the coast of British Columbia. There is something pretty cool about seeing a whale tail lifted out of the water against a backdrop of mountains.

HUmpback Whale raising its tail fluke in the Salish Sea. Super high resolution image at over 28 000 pixels.
A Humpback Whale with the nickname “Whiskers” flukes in the Salish Sea. Super high resolution image at over 28 000 pixels long.

On my first trip to the Oreford River in Bute Inlet I also tried a few large scenes with Grizzly Bears. Not having much time, and with the sometimes quickly moving bears, it proved difficult. But the scenery is so dramatic there that even with just one bear in the image it makes for an eye-catching scene. that is symbolic of the coast.

High resolution panoramic image of oreford river with a grizzly bear
A Grizzly Bear strolls along the banks of the Oreford River in Bute Inlet.
Super high resolution image of sockeye salmon in the Adams River
Every four years there is a dominant run of Sockeye Salmon on the Adams River in Central British Columbia. This large format image shows a section of the river in the fall of 2018. This image is over 30 000 pixels long.

Next year I plan to spend a considerable amount of time really focusing on wildlife panoramics. The challenge is fun and the images worth it.


Click here to go to the gallery featuring these high resolution wildlife panoramic images.

Note- These images and all the rest on the website can be used for many different applications including large wall murals, architectural installations, and billboard sign graphics. Contact me if you have any ideas you want  to discuss.

I also do free image mockups if you send me a photo of your space.


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