Magical Forests

This fall I had some great opportunities to get out and explore some local and not so local forests and take some really large panoramic images.

Shooting panoramics in forests can be tricky. With the dense vegetation you cant get a distant view to get lots in focus, and the lighting is often more contrasted compared to other landscapes. But when conditions are good and everything lines up it is a joy. I really enjoy exploring forest settings, specially during the autumn months. The lighting, the colours and textures all make for great scenes.

Recently we had some nice consistant clear days with heavy frost and I went out on one magical afternoon and shot a series of images. The light streaming through the forest lit up the frost tinged fern leaves and other underbrush. Combined with some fog, it created a truly magical setting.

Magical light in the forest with frost lined under brush
Late afternoon sun on a clear winters day lights up the frost covered vegetation in the forest floor. 14 106 x 5013 pixels.
Interesting image of forest with frost covering the undergrowth
A heavy frost covers the low vegetation on forest floor. 16 978 x 4524 pixels.
High resolution panoramic image of dense Vancouver Island rain forest trees with lots of moss.
Ferns and moss covered trees fill this forest scene from the West Coast of British Columbia. 21 564 x 6894 pixels
Super high resolution image of a forest in fall with backlit sun.
Autumn sunlight streams through the trunks of conifer trees lighting up the ground cover. 24 524 x 9702 pixels.

These are just a few of the images I took in the last few months. To see more go to the Forests gallery here.

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